We offer delicious and/or healthy meals to satisfy any team. We can be as unique in our meals, as we are in the various services we offer – bringing foodie joy to all. After all we are all unique and so is your company! Your team will be well-energized and motivated to come to work; meaning more productivity and a better culture. Whatever the day brings, we want to make it that little bit better.

We are determined that meals are made from scratch from our central kitchen using the freshest, seasonal and local (where possible) ingredients. Which can then be delivered how and when you need them, despite your set up. As it takes two to make a good partnership; we keep as close as you need us. Our central kitchen allows us to produce meals that that may deem difficult in an on-site facility. 

We want to get to know your company and your uniqueness so we can help create the expected experience. This at times can be hard to achieve through mainstream chains and caterers as they sometimes have a one size fits all approach. We on the other hand will go that extra mile in our proposals; like a Thanks giving treat for your homesick American Colleagues!


Corporate services offered

Who we help.

It's all about help

You will be pleased to know that when possible we always make a little extra when preparing your meals to donate to the Victory Kitchen.

Help us, help you, to help others!

Who we help.

Its all about help

You will pleased to know that when possible we always make a little extra when preparing your meals to donate to the Victory Kitchen.

Help us, help you, to help others!


Ivan's culinary creations are out-of-this-world! With every dish, he takes us on a flavourful adventure, blending vibrant colours and ingenious recipes with a depth and variety of flavours. Having Ivan as our Chef is an absolute delight!!
Donna Bonello
(People and Talent Partner)
Chef Ivan and his team have been a culinary cornerstone for our office, delighting over 200 of us weekly with delicious, generous meals tailored to our diverse dietary needs. Ivan's passion and skill make every meal a culinary experience to remember and we are grateful for his warm hospitality, accommodating nature, and ease of collaboration.
Martha Azzopardi
(Facilities Manager at Comeon Group)
I first met Ivan, and tasted his food, when I used to frequent his restaurant in 2014. I must say that I loved it, where it was a cut above the rest; especially back then. I wanted to work together whilst I was at YGG for all our catering needs. Ivan went on to handle all this, including our staff’s breakfasts and lunches, as well as their staff parties. We came up with some great initiatives together including our own cook book, and personalized hampers. He even accompanied us on our group meetings around Europe for all our catering needs, especially our VIP dinners. Due to his skill set, and versatility, as well as his personality; I would not hesitate to recommend his services for whatever your catering requirements may be.
Fredrick Fredrik Elmqvist
(Founder and Former CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming)

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Super Menus

Compliment your gym allowances and look after your staff, where they can charge their body with one of our super menus. Here we use no salt, sugar or additives whatsoever! Samples: