We offer delicious and/or healthy meals to satisfy any team. We can be as unique in our meals, as we are in the various services we offer – bringing foodie joy to all. After all we are all unique and so is your company! Your team will be well-energized and motivated to come to work; meaning more productivity and a better culture. Whatever the day brings, we want to make it that little bit better. We are determined that meals are made from scratch from our central kitchen using the freshest, seasonal and local (where possible) ingredients. Which can then be delivered how and when you need them, despite your set up. As it takes two to make a good partnership; we keep as close as you need us. Our central kitchen allows us to produce meals that may deem difficult in an on-site facility. Therefore, we want to get to know your company and your uniqueness so we can help create the expected experience. This at times can be hard to achieve through mainstream chains and caterers as they sometimes have a one size fits all approach. We on the other hand will go that extra mile in our proposals; like a Thanks giving treat for your homesick American Colleagues!

Private Dining

My background was a self-taught chef; but we are never really self-taught. We all need to learn from someone and I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best. In the peak of my development, I worked for Jason Atherton & Gordon Ramsay. As this fine dining world was a big part of my foundation; we can promise to offer private dining to impress any customers’ need. However, due to our journey to where we are today; we can adapt this down to more modest budgets; as well as the different cuisines needed. It all comes down to meeting you. We will get to know as much as possible about you and what you are after in terms of the experience. Then just relax and leave all the rest up to us. I have had the privilege and honour to cook for some of Malta’s prized individuals. That being said the excitement is the same every time I got to know someone new, and took care of their catering needs. The pleasure received in exceeding someone’s expectations in their designated space, is the true privilege.